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Dillon Marsh photographs disguised cell towers in Cape Town and its surrounds: Invasive Species. 

(via Studio 360)

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Video 28 Feb

Curds in whey (left jar) with curds and whey. The bowl in front was 4 quarts of plain yogurt which was strained 12 hours in cheese cloth. 5 pounds of whey came out, leaving 3 pounds of “Greek-style” yogurt.

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Greater Milwaukee, v-day. year of the horse! (2014)

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Winter games, in Greater Milwaukee. Valentine’s Day 2014 pt.1

Video 7 Jan

13hrs at hkg airport. Check out the price hk$ on uk made Vertu phones $115k. Also ugly glasses that resemble a brazier. The guy in the shades reminds me of lonely islands,”gWhizz in my pants”

Video 6 Jan

Checking out from Mong kok.

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View from the peak. It was windy, and my eyes are burning! Allergies going wild.

Video 6 Jan

Got what I came for. There was only one item I was interested on shopping for. I found a shop on a web search. Met a British guy in there playing these dizi and I took his 2nd pick. He’s in a Chinese orchestral group. Maybe my sister can play it. It’s the same layout as a regular flute?

Video 5 Jan

I’ve gotta check the news feeds for why there are thousands & thousands of Indonesian women just camping in streets and walkways of HK. They seem to be behaving well, except sitting in massive groups. The entire lobby of the ultra famous HSBC building crowded up here. I wonder if they know the feng shui design intent of this lobby?

Video 5 Jan

It’s Yo Mama brand yogurt!

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Walk of stars kowloon. A few Mandarin families took their pictures with me on the walk of stars. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow in even fancier clothes, and a more smitten look on my face.

Video 4 Jan

Sippin’ on some Syzzurr (syrup). An old favorite brand, “sea coconut.” Made in Singapore. Heated it w/boiling water in the ala carte sized sink. It’s a little stronger than I remember. Maybe I’ll find myself in a mah jongg parlour if I have too much? I found snooker parlours today. Also, my balcony.

Video 3 Jan

The takoyaki party in Kyoto. The highlight of my trip to meet so many nice people.

Video 3 Jan

I took a Fast boat from China! The fuzzy pic is from ocean spray on the window.

The 3 lines of text is part of a dessert menu. I ordered #3 my favorite Malaysian treat, purple rice porridge. Lucky I can still read, totally can’t say it though.

Video 2 Jan

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